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Mangrove Resources

Links to Information/resources about Mangals

Mangrove Email Discussion List -Join this to receive and send mails about all aspects of mangrove research and conservation
Australian Mangrove Species -Australian environment on line database of species, details of the locations of species and other information
Mangrove Project
Australian Mangals. Based in Queensland, gives basic explanation of mangals.
Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej - Marine Ecology Centre    
Florida Mangals- Describing Mangals of Tampa, Florida
University of the Western Cape  Marine Botany at UWC
Mangrove Action Project - Detailed website based around protecting mangrove habitats, you can donate money to the project.
Northern Territory University (Australia)- There is a Mangrove Ecology Page on the NTU webpage, and occasionally PhD vacancies in this area.
Community Mangrove Forests - in the Philipines
Journal article on the Yadfon Association efforts to restore mangrove forests in Thailand.
Sewri Mangrove Park    
Mangrove Park in India

I will add to the Mangrove Pages, I want to add information about the animals of the mangrove, particularly the hermit crabs.  And I will add further links.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

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