Freshwater Life

If you do not live near the ocean there is plenty of interesting freshwater aquatic life around our wetlands, ponds and lakes, some of this information is described here.

FROGS to be found in British Gardens

TOADS to be found in British Gardens

NEWTS to be found in British Gardens

Good books to read

"Pond Watching" by Paul Sterry (1982) published by Hablin. This book is filled with interesting information and quite a long section with projects and experiments that interested 'pond watchers' can do. Though probably for the more serious pond-dipper it is a very interesting read.

"The Back Garden Wildlife Sanctuary Book", By Ron Wilson (1981).

This book is a more generalised book on all types of wildlife to be found in the British back garden but has a substantial and very interesting and informative section on pondlife

Amphibian Information Sources

Pond Dip - Pond dip is for children who have a wildlife pond in their garden or would like a pond. The site has been created by children for children. You can mail in your questions, experiences and pictures, there is a wealth of information here! Lots of advice on keeping tadpoles.

WILDLIFE WATCH - "Wildlife Watch is the leading club for young environmentalists, organised by The Wildlife Trusts. It is a fun, factual and informed way for young people and their families to learn about and enjoy their environment. Wildlife Watch members can join a network of local groups, each with a specially selected and trained adult leader who meets with the children once or twice a month".

BBC wildlife, UK wildlife section: there is a frogspawn survey complete a form about when and where you have seen frogspawn, and look at the results of the 2000 survey when they are ready.

Wildlife Trusts - List of all the online Wildlife Trusts - find the one in your area!

Kent Wildlife Trust Amphibian Information Sheet.

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