Gap Year

It is popular to take a year out before University studies and there is widespread recognition among University Vice Chancellors, admissions staff and employers, of the positive impact of this experience. Usually students apply for a place at University and if they are offered a place, they can ask to defer their entry date to the course until the following year, others may have secured training or a job for the following year and may even receive support from their employer.

There is a wide choice of projects to participate in, some of which exclusively accept those on a gap year of this age group. One major factor with most of these expeditions/projects is that there is usually a fee which has to be paid in order to take part. This varies considerably and is usually quite significant. Fundraising, planning and realistic goals are major aspects of raising the fee, and this can be a major learning experience on its own.

The opportunities available have been divided into different types, listed on the menu bar.

Various Possibilities for Gap Year projects are listed here and also links to useful resources