Camp Based Projects

Examples of Camp based projects

    • The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece (STPS)was founded on 1983, running the first sea turtle monitoring, protection and public awareness programme in the country. Since then the STPS has become one of the leading Non Governmental Organisations of Greece. The Society is now working on all major nesting sites of the country, monitoring and protecting the Loggerhead Sea Turtle populations of Zakynthos, the Peloponnese (Lakonikos, Kotihi, Kiparisia) and Crete. Conducting a Public Awareness programme, reaching about 100,000 people every year, on slide shows and info stations. Rehabilitating injured and sick turtles in the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre, established in 1994. Every year 500 volunteers work with the STPS. The two volunteer opportunities now offered by ARCHELON are as follows.
    • 1. FIELD WORK SEASONAL (1st May- 31st Oct) Carried out during the nesting and hatching season, fieldwork routines include Nest and Turtle Protection, Public awareness, and maintenance and day-to-day duties. Requirements: Volunteers stay on designated free campsites, restricted to ARCHELON volunteers, with very basic sanitary and cooking facilities; volunteers must be prepared to participate in every aspect of work. Duties are allocated by the field leaders and may include working throughout the night or long hours during the day in the heat.
    • 2. SEA TURTLE REHABILITATION ALL YEAR ROUND:- Many sea turtles are annually reported stranded throughout Greece, usually caught in fishing gear or injured by speedboats and fishermen. The ones that are still alive have a good chance to survive if immediate and proper treatment is provided. As a consequence, ARCHELON established in 1994 its Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Athens with the following objectives: Interested volunteers must be prepared to work long hours. Please note that basic knowledge of animal care is highly appreciated.
    • GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:- Over 18 years old, able to communicate in English and carry a health insurance policy. The minimum participation period is 28 days. Long term participation is highly appreciated PARTICIPATION COSTS:- See website for this information.
    • Asociación Rescate y Conservación de Vida Silvestre (The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Association) is a Guatemalan non-profit conservation organisation committed to preserving Guatemalan wildlife and wildlife habitat. Best known for its Animal Rescue Centre in the Peten rain forest region of Guatemala, it also carries out sea turtle conservation activities on a natural reserve on the south cost near the village of Hawaii. The rainy season at Hawaii occurs annually between June and October. The olive ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) nesting season corresponds with the rainy season, peaking in September. Turtle eggs are prized by local populations as a supplement to their income and diets. Competition for turtle nests is intense, and it is extremely rare that a nest escapes plunder. The Hawaii Sea Turtle Conservation Program, managed by ARCAS, in cooperation with DIGEBOS (the Guatemalan forestry agency), encourages a donation by local egg collectors of one dozen eggs per nest. The eggs are reburied in protected hatcheries. ARCAS is involved with other aspects of sea turtle conservation. For example, dead turtles wash ashore on the south coast of Guatemala after being caught and drowned in fishing gear offshore; mainly shrimp trawls operated by Guatemalan and foreign boats. In 1995, there were numerous strandings (perhaps 3-5 per week on the 15 km monitored by ARCAS) during the beginning of the nesting season (June and July). In response, ARCAS wrote several articles for the Guatemalan press on this "turtle massacre".
    • Whether due to the publicity caused by these articles or several patrols subsequently conducted by the Guatemalan Navy, the shrimp trawlers moved further offshore and no more strandings were seen for the rest of the season. In 1996, the Guatemalan shrimp fleet installed TEDs, an action which seemed to reduce incidental capture and drowning because very few turtles washed ashore dead on the beaches. ARCAS also conducts environmental education activities in area schools and manages three school hatcheries where students collect and bury their own eggs and release the hatchlings when they emerge. ARCAS also has a crocodile and iguana captive breeding program and conducts mangrove reforestation. How To Help: ARCAS has volunteer programs at both the Hawaii Sea Turtle Conservation Project and at its Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Peten. For a copy of the volunteer guidelines, please send US$ 10.00 to ARCAS, Section 717, P. O. Box 52-7270, Miami, Florida 33152-7270 USA. For more information, contact the authors at the Miami address, or the ARCAS office in Guatemala City. RICARDO JUAREZ and COLUM MUCCIO, ARCAS, 11 Calle 6-66, Zona 2, 01002 Cuidad de Guatemala, GUATEMALA; Tel/Fax: (502) (2) 535329; E-mail:
    • The price of volunteering at ARCAS-Peten is relatively low and includes three meals a day and lodging in the Volunteer House. Volunteers at Hawaii in Monterrico pay less as it includes housing only.

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