Expedition type projects

    • FRONTIER: Frontier is a professional tropical natural-resource conservation, research and development agency, and is international NGO with offices in the United Kingdom, Tanzania, Vietnam and Mozambique. Frontier run volunteer-based projects in tropical countries which are commissioned by local authorities and is the only organisation of its kind, that enables people to build the skills needed to work in international wildlife development and conservation. 62% of ex-volunteers end up working in conservation related fields and 95% of ex-staff now work in conservation. The fee is £2,450 for 10 weeks. or £3,500 for 6 months. Current Projects running are Coral Reefs of Madagascar, Rainforests of Vietnam, and Forest, Reefs and Savannah of Tanzania. The expeditions go out, every year, in the beginning of January, beginning of April, end of June and the beginning of October. In the words of Frontier: 'If you are tough, tolerant and resourceful, if you can work in a team and survive situations both mentally and physically challenging, as well as raise a contribution to expedition costs then you may have just what we are looking for'. Address: 77 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS, Tel: 0171 613 2422. Age 17+
    • UNDERWATER AFRICA - Underwater Africa is a structured volunteer program aimed at involving citizen scientists in the world-class scientific research and marine conservation work being conducted in the vibrant waters of southern Mozambique. Researchers and students collect valuable field data to assist their leading research projects on large marine animals. Volunteers can expect to participate in a range of field work including taking identification photos, checking acoustic listening stations, changing out and deploying reef camera traps, observing environmental conditions, studying plankton, monitoring protected areas, or measuring ocean giants. Specific activities depend on the research projects that are running, however, we can guarantee all of it is exciting and contributes towards invaluable marine research and conservation. Underwater Africa is based in the small fishing village of Tofo, Mozambique, which has become world famous for its Giant Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales and Small Eyed Stingrays. Refer to website: http://www.underwaterafrica.com.
    • CORAL CAY CONSERVATION- Coral Cay Conservation is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to providing resources to help sustain livelihoods and alleviate poverty through the protection, restoration and management of coral reefs and tropical forests. Since the establishment of CCC in 1986, thousands of Volunteers (ranging from 16 to over 70 years of age) have participated on CCC marine and terrestrial expeditions throughout Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean. Volunteers play a crucial role in the conservation of threatened tropical environments through the collection of scientific data, which is then used to form sustainable management recommendations. To date, CCC has helped establish several marine reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, including the Belize Barrier Reef as a World Heritage Site and Danjugan Island, Philippines as a Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. At present, CCC runs conservation projects in Fiji and the Philippines. No previous experience is required and full training (including scuba tuition where necessary) is provided at each location. Contact Coral Cay for costs. 40-42 Osnaburgh Street, London, NW1 3ND; email: info@coralcay.org; www.coralcay.org.
    • RALEIGH INTERNATIONAL - A UK based charity which aims to develop young people through challenging and worthwhile community and environmental projects on expeditions around the world. Raleigh International has opportunities for people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Projects fall into three categories: community, environmental and adventure. Community projects:- living and working alongside local people in some of the most isolated rural locations. Tasks involved can range from building water wells and hand pumps to constructing a new school or healthpost, but all are designed with the guidance of the expedition country to be of long-term benefit to the local community. Environmental projects:- Venturers have a chance to contribute to the conservation and study of some of the world's most remarkable landscapes and habitats. This may involve improving the facilities in internationally important national parks and nature reserves; constructing rangers' posts and extending trail systems; or working alongside scientists conducting research into all aspects of the natural environment. Adventure projects:- Some expeditions include other projects specifically chosen to stretch Venturers both physically and mentally. They can include trekking above the snowline in the southern Andes or through pristine rainforests in Asia and kayaking down the wild coastline of Chile. Research on Belize's Barrier Reef:- The research program includes investigations into the effects of pollutants, especially sediment, being discharged onto the reef due to changes in land use.
    • GREENFORCE EXPEDITIONS - Greenforce is invited by the host country Government to undertake biodiversity projects in regions whose environment is at risk. Greenforce needs volunteers to work with scientists and the host country University on these projects. Full training is provided so no previous experience is required. However living conditions in the field are basic so you must have enthusiasm and a desire to provide a positive contribution to this vital conservation work. Greenforce is committed to developing careers in conservation. Greenforce aims to offer career opportunities to returning Volunteer Research Assistants. They run projects in Africa, Amazon, South China Sea and the South Pacific. Address:11-15 Betterton Stree, Covente Garden, London wch9bp
    • GLOBAL VISION - Global Vision International (GVI) is a UK based organisation that sends over 500 Volunteers away every year on conservation an community development projects. They have 20 programs in over 15 countries and some of their international partners and beneficiaries include Rainforest Concern, The Endangered Wildlife Trust, UNESCO funded projects in South Africa and Uganda and the South African National Parks Board. They are always looking for skilled and unskilled Volunteers to join projects from 2 weeks to 2 years. Global Vision International GVI expeditions offer the adventurous individual the chance to work as part of a structured team or as an independent alongside host country organisations. With projects all over the world you can join expeditions as diverse as Amazon Rainforest Expeditions in South America, Wildlife Research Expeditions in Africa and Marine Conservation Expeditions in Mexico. Many other opportunities also exist.
    • HEBRIDEAN WHALE AND DOLPHIN TRUST (HWDT) - HWDT carries out cetacean conservation in the Hebrides (the inshore waters off the west coast of Scotland) through research and education programmes. HWDT run Cetacean Research Surveys through-out their field season (May – October), with expeditions running between 9 – 12 days. During the survey, visual and acoustic data is collected on cetacean (whale, dolphin and porpoise) species, basking shark, seals, sea birds, marine litter, static fishing gear (as part of their Minke Whale Entanglement Project) and other anthropogenic sources. Photo-ID studies are also undertaken; enabling researchers to identify individual whales and dolphins from their unique markings. Participants are trained as marine mammal field biologists through learning fundamental skills in data collection, species ID and the examination and application of collected data during the expedition. Volunteers will join HWDTs research yacht, Silurian, at one of three rendezvous locations: Tobermory, Kyle of Lochalsh or Ullapool. Costs range from between £895 - £1,395, including all accommodation (aboard Silurian) and food for the duration. A fantastic opportunity to encounter the best of Scottish wildlife and explore the last true wilderness in the UK, whilst contributing to a long-term monitoring programme (contact Morven Russell on volunteercoordinator@hwdt.org). [Last updated March 2016]

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