Research Institutes in Iceland


A government institute under the auspices of the Ministry of Fisheries.

MRI conducts various marine research and provides the Ministry with scientific advice based on its research on marine resources and the environment. The institute has around 170 employees, 3 research vessels, 5 branches around Iceland and a mariculture laboratory. The three main areas of activities of the MRI are the following:

* to conduct research on the marine environment around Iceland and its living resources

* to provide advice to the government on catch levels and conservation measures

* to inform the government, the fishery sector and the public about the sea and its living resources


FL's function is to engage in research, conduct tests, provide consultancy and disseminate information to the government, interested parties in the fisheries sector and consumers. IFL's specialised fields include processing technology, biotechnology, chemical and physical properties of food, quality and safety of marine catches, fodder and fodder technology for aquaculture and environmental research. IFL's goal is to increase the value of marine catches through research, development, dissemination of knowledge and consultancy. By working closely with the economy and universities in Iceland and abroad, IFL promotes the acquisition of knowledge and interactive transfer of knowledge between researchers and the economy.

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