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Below are listed the postgraduate courses in the area of Marine Biology (& related areas) offered in the UK, these often change, so please inform me if they need updating. For a wider search for postgraduate courses you can try here
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UniversityCourse NameWebsite
UniversityCourse NameWebsite
Aberdeen Mres/Msc/PgDip In Applied Marine and Fisheries Ecology courses 
Aberystwyth MSc. in Environmental Impact Assessment biological sciences 
Aberystwyth MSc. in Environmental Impact Assessment IBERS 
Essex University MSc. Tropical Marine Biology postgrad site 
Glasgow M.Res in Marine and Freshwater Ecology and Environmental Management relevant postgrad courses 
Heriot Watt MSc. in Marine Resource Development & Protection relevant course 
Heriot Watt MSc in Marine Resource Management relevant course 
Kings College London MSc. in Aquatic Resource Management graduate page 
Napier University MSc. Aquatic Ecosystems Management graduate page 
Newcastle University  MSc. in International Marine Environmental Consultancy (IMEC)  School of Marine Science & Technology 
Plymouth University Mres Sustainable Aquaculture Systems post graduate page 
Plymouth University MRes Coastal and Ocean Policy post grad page 
Plymouth University MRes Marine Biology post grad page 
Plymouth University MRes Marine Micropalaeontology post grad page 
Plymouth University MRes Marine Geosciences post grad page 
Plymouth University MSc/ MRes Applied Marine Science post grad page 
Portsmouth University MSc. in Marine Resource Economics home page 
Portsmouth University MSc. in Coastal and Marine Resource Management home page 
Queen Mary University of London & University Marine Biological Station M.Sc. in Marine Ecology and Environmental Management school pages 
Southampton University MSc. Marine Biology school pages 
Southampton University MSc. Oceanography school pages 
Stirling University  MSc Aquatic Pathology home page 
Stirling University MSc. Aquaculture home page 
Swansea University MSc. in Environmental Biology home page 
University of Hull MSc. Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management biological sciences 
University of Hull MSc. Estuarine and Coastal Science and Management biological sciences 
University of Liverpool MSc. in Marine Planning and Management biological sciences 
University of St Andrews MSc in Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems relevant course 
University of Wales, Bangor MSc. in Marine Environmental Protection Bangor main site 
University of Wales, Bangor MSc. in Marine Biology bangor main site 
Warwick University MSc. Environmental Bioscience in a changing climate school pages 
York University MSc./MRes Ecology and Environmental Management graduate pages 
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